Data Package: Top Spanish Collocations


This data package contains 2,000 of the most frequently used Spanish collocations.


The collocations are manually compiled on the basis of a huge Spanish text corpus.

Each collocation includes the following information:

  • Collocation (e.g. llevar a cabo)
  • Frequency
  • 2-3 spanish example sentences
  • 2-3 keywords for finding a collocation (e.g. llevar, cabo)


Variant 1:
You can query all 2,000 collocations in this online demo tool:

Variant 2:
You can test the free API.


If you license the data package of the Top Spanish Collocations you will recieve the data package as XML, CSV, sqlite3 or in another desired format as a file for download.

XML sample

Licensing conditions

The API/data package can be used in any number of private and commercial projects of the purchaser:
E. g. in a website application, in a smartphone app etc.

Redistribution is not allowed.

If you want to use the API/data package in your project please contact


Commercial license: 100 Euro (VAT excluded)

Top Spanish Collocations as API

For the 2,000 top spanish collocations we provide an API.
Description and testing of the API:


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