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Parallel Corpora

Parallel corpora consist of bilingual sentence pairs. They are a highly valuable resource for translators, terminologists, and language engineers.

  • Webcrawl Parallel Corpora: parallel sentence pairs crawled from the web using our BSP crawler:
  • Wikipedia Parallel Titles Corpora: bilingual titles of Wikipedia articles, extended with redirects and textlinks. 487,406,497 unique parallel segments for 253 language pairs!
  • Wikipedia Parallel Quotations Corpus: a tiny corpus of German-English quotes from the German Wikipedia.
  • several parallel texts (German-English and German-Czech) in TMX format can be downloaded here. Included are:
    • German-Czech:
      • Jules Verne: Robur der Eroberer – Robur Dobyvatel
      • three stories by Edgar Allan Poe
    • German-English:
      • two fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen
      • a story by Edgar Allan Poe
      • the Communist Manifesto by Karl Mary and Friedrich Engels

Comparable Corpora

All our comparable corpora are bilingual document-aligned corpora. The documents are categorized for domain.

Monolingual Corpora

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