The dictionary contains more than 2 million English collocations.

The API looks up a word in a dictionary and returns

  • all collocations ordered by significance
  • up to 3 example sentences for each collocation
  • the syntactic relation of each collocation

How to use Linguatools Collocation API

Connect to API

Endpoint and Parameters

Blue color marks version 2 of the API.

v1: GET /?lang={lang}&query={word}&min_sig={significance}&relation={relation}

v2: GET /?lang={lang}&query={word}&min_sig={significance}&relation={relation}&pos={pos}

parameter description parameter value
query any word (case insensitive) e.g. change
lang One of the following language ISO 639-1 codes (case sensitive): en (more in progress)
relation One of the following relations (case sensitive, optional):

Blue color marks version 2 of the API.


  1. V:obj:N a verb and its object: eat dinner
  2. V:prep:N a verb and its prepositional object: drive by car
  3. V:obj1+2:N a verb and its direct and indirect object: give John money
  4. V:obj+prep:N a verb and its direct object and the indirect object with a preposition: give money to John, drive nail into wall
  5. V:subj:N a verb and its subject: horse gallop
  6. V:sc:V , v2: V:sc:Vinf , a verb and its dependent verb (sub-clause): let move, force to resign
  7. N:mod:A , v2: N:mod:Adj , a noun and its modifying adjective: good friend
  8. N:prep:N a noun with a prepositional phrase: cloud of smoke
  9. N:nn:N a compound noun: power plant
  10. V:mod:A , v2: V:mod:Adv , a verb and its modifying adverb: work hard
  11. A:mod:A , v2: Adj:mod:Adv , an adjective and its modifying adverb: really practical
V:sc:V , V:sc:Vinf
N:mod:A , N:mod:Adj
V:mod:A , V:mod:Adv
A:mod:A , Adj:mod:Adv
min_sig any number as the minimum significance (optional). Will return only collocations with significance >= min_sig. 1,2,3333,75334 , etc.
pos One of the following Part Of Speech (case sensitive):
e.g. V

Test the API

You can test the API and develop your own application – for free after sign up in RapidAPI

Test the test API with:

  • lang: en
  • query: smoke
  • relation: V:obj:N (optional)
  • pos: V (optional, only in version 2)

http request (API)

You get full access (free & paid) to the full database with 2 million English collocations if you sign up in RapidAPI.



The „BASIC“ plan with 1.000 requests/month is free.

API response

In raw format you will see the html tags <b> and </b> as \u003cb\u003e and \u003c/b\u003e

http request & code snippets

RapidAPI provides programming examples for many programming languages how to use the API.

Terms of Use

Link: Terms of Use

Examples of use

1. Query the complete linguatools collocations database online:
2. We make use of collocations in our online tool Gramomat:
URL: [A click into the object field to see the suggested collocations]
3: Collocations as word clouds on fluentwords.


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