Diacritizator API


The diacritizator uses AI to add diacritical marks to Slavic and Vietnamese texts.


  • Czech: Je to vyjimecna zalezitost. Je to výjimečná záležitost.
  • Polish: Pojde z toba! Pójdę z tobą!
  • Vietnamese: Anh lay cai nay o dau vay? Anh lấy cái này ở đâu vậy?

Currently, the following languages are supported:

  • Czech (cs)
  • Polish (pl)
  • Vietnamese (vi)

How to use Linguatools Diacritizator API

Connect to API

GET /?lang={lang}&q={text}

parameter description parameter value
lang The following language ISO 639-1 code (case sensitive) cs, pl, vi (more in preparation: sk, hr )
query any text up to a length of 300 characters e.g. for lang cs : Uspesnost naseho diakritizatora je 99%.

Test the API & code snippets

You can test the API and develop your own application with our API – for free via RapidAPI.

Test the API with:

  • lang cs
  • q Uspesnost naseho diakritizatora je 99%.

http request (test API)

RapidAPI provides programming examples for many programming languages how to use the API.

API response

In case q is too long (max length of q is 300 characters):

Free and paid API


You get full access (free & paid) to the to the diakritizator-API if you sign up in RapidAPI.

Examples of use

You can test the diacritizator web application: online demo.


The „BASIC“ plan with 100 requests/month is free.


Terms of Use

Link: Terms of Use