Tibetan-English-Czech Dictionary

Description: Dictionary Tibetan-English-Czech with 11,000 entries
Format: TXT
Encoding: Unicode
Sample entries:

ཀ་ཁ་པ།:beginning learner
ཀ་མེད།:have to
plus further 11,000 translations

Important note on displaying Tibetan characters:
In order to correctly display Tibetan characters you have to

  • set your browser’s encoding to „Unicode“ (UTF-8)
  • install a Tibetan font. On Ubuntu Linux this is done by:
    sudo apt-get install fonts-tibetan-machine

After successful installation the sample entries above should look like this screenshot:

How was the dictionary created?
The dictionary was manually compiled by a native speaker of Tibetan. Starting point was a corpus-derived list of high-frequent English content words.
Please note that the current version of the dictionary does not contain any grammatical information (like for instance part of speech).

ISLRN 108-733-477-787-8

License conditions
You can’t obtain a licence any longer.

Dictionary tibetan-english online
In 2018 the Oriental Institut of Prague published the Tibetan dictionary online.

You can find interesting information about the Tibetan region Amdo in the book „Mapping Amdo: Dynamics of Change.