Linguatools Translate API

Looks up a word in a dictionary and returns all translations ordered by frequency. The API translates from and to German for the following languages: English, Spanish, Dutch, Polish, Italian, and Czech. Possibility to filter by a word class.

Connect to API

Connect on RapidAPI

Test the API

Possibility One:
If you have an account on rapidapi or want to create one:
Go to the API -> Tab „Functions“ > Button „Test Function“ -> Response -> Root/Body…

Possibility Two:
If you have an account on mashape:

How to use Linguatools Translate API

RapidAPI has multiple SDKs for different languages (PHP, Ruby, Node.js, Java, C#, Go, Erlang, Elixir, ObjC, Android, JavaScript). If you head over to the linguatools translate API, you’ll see a code snippet in any of those languages that you can copy. That code snippet is all you need for your app to be fully connected to the linguatools translate API.

1. Navigate to your Dashboard on Rapidapi
2. Create an app („Add New App“)
3. „Accounts“ -> „Add new API“ -> select „linguatools translate api“
4. „Connect“ -> „Choose your back-end language“

Endpoint and Parameters

GET /?langpair={lang1-lang2}&query={word}&wortart={wordclass}

URL parameters:

parameter description parameter value
query any word (Case insensitive) ex. start out
langpair One of the following combinations (Case sensitive): de-en, de-es, de-nl, de-pl, de-it, de-cs,
en-de, es-de, nl-de, pl-de, it-de cs-de
wortart One of the following word classes (Case sensitive, optional): NOMEN, ADJ, VERB, ADVERB